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Quilt Design & Fabric Estimating Calculator

Quilt Design & Fabric Estimating Calculator

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Quilt Design and Fabric Estimating Calculator.
An ideal tool! It helps the quilter easily complete the calculations needed to plan and estimate the amount of fabric required for a quilt.

The new Quilter’s FabriCalc was developed primarily for the “traditional” or “patchwork” quilter and is a 42-key hand-held portable calculator that has been produced specifically for quilting design and yardage calculations. However, it can also be used for sewing projects where the yardage function is used for determining yards of fabric in fractional or decimal yardage. Yes, it works in yards, inch-fractions, metres, centimetres and millimetres and even converts between Imperial and Metric measurements. Next, it even works as a normal calculator!

All the keys are labelled in quilting terms and the calculator provides understandable built-in solutions with explanatory labels. It has been intuitively designed by colour-coding and organizing the function keys in groups for various categories based on how a user would “breakdown” individual quilting pieces and determine the amount of fabric required to make a quilt. “Reverse calculations” can also be done easily allowing the designer to effectively use fabric from their own “stash”.

Problem-Solving Features
  • Find total Yardage, including Backing, Binding, Borders and Drop for any quilting project.
  • Calculate the total yardage for Squares, ½ Square Triangles, ¼ Square Triangles, 45° and 60° Diamonds. Or, find the number of squares and diamonds that can be cut from fabric in your “stash”.
  • Create quilt designs using Block functions with or without sashing; solves Diagonals.
    Store fabric yardage for six individual types of fabric and view total yardage required for all fabrics.
  • User-enabled preferences allow customized settings for Fractional or Decimal displays, Mitred or Straight Corners and much more.
  • Find total costs for material.

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