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Roxanne Glue - Baste It

Roxanne Glue - Baste It

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This incredible Applique glue is 100% water-soluble, dries in minutes, holds firmly until you want to loosen it, and does not feel stiff when dry. Contains no dyes, waxes to harmful chemicals, pH neutral, non-toxic and safe for children. Great for scrapbooking, Applique work, quilt binding, hems - use anywhere you would normally use pins.

Tampered tip for ultra-fine work.

Roxanne is a market leader in fabric adhesive. Instead of pinning, "Glue baste" your applique work, quilt pieces, bindings and hems. Apply tiny glue droplets, which become tacky immediately and dry in 3 to 5 minutes. Holds firmly until moistened or washed, even after ironing.

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