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Janome Open Toe Even Feed (Walking) Foot High Shank 7mm

Janome Open Toe Even Feed (Walking) Foot High Shank 7mm

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Janome Open Toe Even Feed Walking Foot for Memory Craft Embroidery Machines.
7mm High Shank

Part Number: 200 338 006

A ‘walking’ foot for your sewing machine is essential if you are a quilter.

The Even Feed (Walking) Foot is the perfect tool for quilting.

The even feed foot, sometimes referred to as the walking foot, is designed with a set of feed dogs (teeth) which allow the fabric to feed without shifting and eliminates the problem of the under layer of fabric coming up short. The even feed foot is also great for top-stitching and avoids irregularity of stitching. This is often caused by the bulk created with the seam allowance especially around collars and reveres. Using the walking foot for top-stitching will eliminate this problem and give perfect stitching every time. Also includes quilting guide.

The 7mm Walking Foot will fit High Shank Machines with 7mm Stitch Width